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I offer guided tours services in the city of Mantua and its province.

Singles, couples, families and groups are all welcome!

Itineraries in Mantua and its province

What to visit? Let’s start with:

  • the historic city center, that alternate between Middle Ages and Renaissance.

  • historic palaces: Palazzo Ducale (Ducale Palace) and Palazzo Te (Te Palace), two famous residences of the era of the Gonzaga family.

  • the main churches of the city (Basilica Sant’Andrea, Rotonda di San Lorenzo)

In the province:

  • the sanctuary in Grazie (with its crocodile!)

  • the Abbey of San Bendetto Po

  • the Gonzaga’s Residence on top of the hill in Volta Mantovana

  • Solferino and the origin of the Red Cross

  • villages on the river Mincio

  • Sabbioneta, the ideal city of Vespasiano Gonzaga (Unesco heritage).

Culture is also food: itineraries can include

  • dairies to see the production of Grana Padano

  • cellars to know mantuan wines

All with tasting, of course.

I also organize itineraries on request, according to the needs and wishes of tourists.

For information, questions and quotes without constraints, contact me, I will be glad to answer you.

Discover Mantua and its treasures