The cities of Mantua and Ferrara are linked through the History and marriages between the Gongaza and the Este families (at the time of the Lordships/Segnoria); they are geographically neighbourn and the Po river is one of the roads that connects them; they are also sisters in Art and creativity.
That’s why, in August 2019, for the fourth consecutive year the city of the Gonzagas hosted the preview of the famous Buskers Festival, which has been organised in Ferrara for 32 years and it takes place also this year starting on August 24th.

The Buskers Festival of Ferrara was born in 1987 from an idea by Stefano Bottoni, who wanted to offer a space and visibility to street artists, precisely the Buskers, who come from all over the world.
For the preview of the 2019 edition in Mantua 12 artists performed along a path that involved a large part of the historic center: it started inh Piazza Sordello, with the Ducal Palace in the background


it proceeded to Piazza Broletto, on the arcade side with a magnificent view of the Palazzo del Podestà in the night; it then continued in Piazza Mantegna, in front of the Basilica of Sant ‘Andrea, in Piazza Concordia, behind the Rotonda di San

Lorenzo, and in Piazza Marconi.       

Not only in the squares, but also in some downtown streets of the city centre, a bit more intimate: Via Roma and via Orefici.







Music for two hours, of every genre and talent, with artists who expressed the joy of playing and singing. A job, that of the busker, which is rewarded only by spectators, there is no cachet.
Mantua has once again revealed its artistic soul. See you next year.