Why come to Mantua

At the foot of Lake Garda, over the morainic hills, you follow the course of the river Mincio and you finally get to Mantua, a small city surrounded by 3 lakes, that make it special and a work of art. It is no coincidence that the city has become part of the UNESCO Heritage.

The city of the Gonzagas  is also full of historic palaces, frescoed by famous artists such as Andrea Mantegna or Giulio Romano; there are monuments, museums, churches and cathedrals belonging to different periods.

Moreover Mantua offers pleasant walks along the lakes and cycle paths, which lead out from the center, towards the countryside and the hill. The province is in fact equally beautiful and charming; there are numerous and varied churches and domes, historic buildings and museums.

And then traditional cultural festivals (theater, cinema, music, literature) for everybody.

Let’s end with a taste of the mantuan gastronomy.

The most famous dishes are:

– Risotto alla Pilota (with the local spicy sausage)

–  Tortelli di zucca (Pumpkin Ravioli)

– cotechino (Pig meat) with lentils

– Pike in sauce

– the Sbrisolona and the Elvetia (two cakes)

… all accompanied by one  of the many local wines, like Lambrusco (red wine).

All that remains is to come to this beautiful city, to know its riches, its people and its curiosities.


Mantua is an active cultural city. There are numerous events during the year.

The most known, also at an international level, are the “Festivaletteratura” in September (www.festivaletteratura.it) and the “Fiera delle Grazie” in August (www.fieradellegrazie.com).

In November children enjoy themselves in “Segni d’Infanzia” (www.segnidinfanzia.org), music is celebrated with “Trame Sonore” (www.mantovachamber.com) between May and June, for those who like cinema there is the “Mantova Film Festival” in August (www.mantovafilmfestival.com).

At the end of June takes place the re-enactment of the Risorgimento battle from which the Red Cross was born (www.terrealtomantovano.it).

Then… you just have to come to Mantua!

Discover Mantua and its treasures